Spring FRAG 2023

Spring FRAG 2023 






2D Recon Battalion Association Newsletter Spring 2023


Greetings Marines, Corpsmen, and Recon Families,

I hope this finds all of you doing well. It’s almost that time again—our reunion will be held 22-25 June at the Sneads Ferry/Camp Lejeune area. Many of you are “repeat offenders,” attending every year. But if you haven’t been to a reunion, I guarantee you will enjoy it. For you repeat offenders, call your old buddies and bring them. Registration is now open on the Association website at https://www.2dreconbn.org/. See the reunion page for details.

In this issue I included a short article which I wrote for a Marine publication a few years ago, titled “The Night I Averted War with Canada.” Some of you have heard this story, but I hope you’ll find it humorous. Some strange stuff happened at Onslow Beach!

Also in this issue is the book review of Super Snipers by LtCol. Robert Brown (USAR Ret.) and Vann Spencer. Included are the exploits of several Marine snipers, the deadliest snipers of all.  

Semper Fi,

Wayne Dillon

President, 2d Reconnaissance Battalion Association






Reunion 2023


Itinerary 2023

Thurs. 22 June:

Arrive Hampton Inn Sneads Ferry/North Topsail Beach, 1248 NC Hwy. 210, Sneads Ferry, NC 28460. Check in time is 1500.

Fri. 23 June:

0700: Board Transportation

0800-1200: Interactive activities (range, boats, etc. TBD)

1200-1230: Enroute Bn. area

1230: Awards formation at 2d Recon Battalion headquarters
1300: Completion - static display/BBQ with BN members at ORP in the back of
the Bn

1430: Board transportation enroute Hampton Inn

1600: Leadership meeting in Seahawk Room

1700: Membership meeting in Seahawk Room (cont’d.)



Sat: 24 June:

Day is open for families to enjoy the beach, local attractions, etc.

1700: Board transportation enroute Paradise Point Officers Club

1730-2030: Association Dinner and auction in the Carolina Room

2030: Board transportation enroute to Hampton Inn.



Sun. 25 June:

1100: Check out/depart

Our “base camp” is the Hampton Inn, Sneads Ferry/Topsail Beach. We have a group rate of $154 per night that is good until May 23rd. Just mention that you are with the 2d Recon Battalion Association. The telephone number is (910) 327-5555. Don’t delay!



30 October 2017

The Night I Averted War with Canada

During the summer of 1993, I was a gunnery sergeant, serving as the assistant operations chief for 2d Reconnaissance Battalion, 2d Marine Division, having just finished a platoon deployment to the Mediterranean with the 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit.

2d Recon Battalion was then located on Onslow Beach at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. We pretty much had the place to ourselves, other than the beach goers or units occasionally training on the training beach. Located about a mile from the beach was Drop Zone (DZ) Falcon, one of the largest DZs on Camp Lejeune. The Canadian 1st Parachute Regiment was encamped at DZ Falcon. For whatever reason, division had placed them under the wing of 8th Marine Regiment, though it seems that it would have been logical (there’s that word) to place them with us, as we not only had the airborne capability, but were located much closer. Our 1stSgts allowed them to use our shower and laundry facilities. The battalion also opened our small club, the Eagles’ Nest, to them. Our small battalion was heavily committed, so there usually wasn’t a lot of our Marines in the club.

One night during that summer, I was standing staff duty, assisted by Sgt. Duncan The duty phone rang, and it was Brenda, the club manager. She said to me, “You need to get over here quick. Those Canadians have a girl in here and she’s naked!” Immediately, the tone of her call made me think that some forcible and unwanted activity was about to take place upon some innocent young damsel. I checked to ensure that I had a round chambered in my 9mm pistol, thinking that I may have to shoot some Canucks, which would likely trigger a war. When I entered the club, what I saw was not what had been described. A shapely young woman, wearing only her panties, was dancing suggestively with what must have been the youngest and most inexperienced Canadian soldier, as his mates cheered him on, his face as red as the maple leaf on the Canadian flag.

I asked who was the senior man in charge, and was directed to the deputy company commander (what we would call the executive officer). I told him this had to stop. He didn’t seem too concerned, and responded with something like, “Okay, I’ll take care of it.” However, he wasn’t in any hurry to take care of it. He seemed more interested in taking in the show. Now, full disclosure—I was a young man, and wasn’t averse to looking at an attractive woman, but I also knew that these events, particularly with alcohol and a high male to female ratio could get out of hand. Pretty soon she took the young paratrooper into the head and locked the door. I don’t know what happened, but you can probably imagine. As I could see that our allies were in no hurry to stop this, and without the real authority to stop them without creating an ugly scene, I decided just to let it play out, unless it turned into a riot (it didn’t). I went back to the duty hut, which was only about thirty yards away, and told Sgt. Duncan he may as well enjoy the show, too. Finally, the party broke up and the normal peace of Onslow Beach returned.

I wasn’t sure what to record in the log book, so I wrote nothing, though I did tell the battalion sergeant major about it the next day. A couple of days later, an agent from the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) showed up, and asked me what happened that night. It turned out that the battalion commander had gotten a call from the division chief of staff, Col. Van Riper, the brother of Lt. Gen. Paul K. Van Riper. There were reports of a hooker from the Norfolk, Virginia, area working the Canadians. I told them what happened, and heard no more of it. However, driving toward mainside past DZ Falcon, I saw this same woman, with a collie on a leash. getting out of a white Mazda Miata with a blue officer’s sticker on the windshield.

I don’t know what happened to her. I assume she made a good bit of money off the Canadians and was told not to return. Not long after this incident, the Canadian 1st Parachute Regiment was found to have abused detainees in Somalia, and was disbanded by the Canadian government.

That night I was certainly on the horns of dilemma, but I like to think that I may be credited with maintaining the prolonged state of peace we enjoy with our neighbors to the north.

Semper Fi,

Wayne Dillon

SgtMaj. USMC (Ret.)




Today’s Marines


From MGySgt. Scott Young:



Here is a snapshot of current operations by company. 

2nd Reconnaissance Battalion has distributed training occurring at the company and platoon level: There are several other various local R&S, sUAS, Fires, and SPIE training evolutions occurring continuously within the greater Camp Lejeune area. 

Company A 1st Plt just completed a series of cold weather deployments for training starting in Alaska, then Patrol Course Winter in Norway, followed by Joint Viking in Norway. 2nd Plt completed training with Marine Special Operations Command in limited scale raids and close quarters tactics during special operations forces integration last month (CF/SOF).  They are conducting military freefall parachuting operations and combatant diver sustainment this month in the Camp Lejeune area.  They will be evaluated by the battalion in May during a Marne Corps Combat Readiness Evaluation (MCCRE) prior to CHOP to EOTG and ultimately 24 MEU.  (cont’d.)


Company B is currently CHOP’d to the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, 1x Plt preparing for ARG/MEUEX 1x Plt conducting CQT and medical training at Tier 1 Group (T1G) in West Memphis, AR.  

Company C participated in ORION 2 the largest French amphibious landing in the last decade.  They are currently participating in a service level training event (ITX 3-23) in Twentynine Palms, CA.  The company will participate in Caribbean Coastal Warrior with the Dutch Marines in Aruba next month. 

Force Reconnaissance Company is preparing for Recon-counter recon deployment ICW 6th Fleet. Earlier this year 3rd Platoon Force Co conducted joint training in ground reconnaissance with 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment in Georgia/Florida.  1st Platoon conducted urban reconnaissance training with Asymmetric Solutions in Missouri focusing on Operational Preparation of the Environment. 2nd Plt just completed Caribbean Urban Warrior with Dutch Marines abord CLNC. 

Headquarters and Service Company is supporting all company operations and training. 

These are the highlights below the CUI level. Hope this helps. 

MGySgt Scott Young


Book Review


Super Snipers tells the stories of snipers from various military branches from World War II to the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Super Snipers includes the stories of Marines such as the famous GySgt. Carlos Hathcock (Ret.)(93 confirmed kills in Vietnam, Chuck Wahwinney (103 confirmed kills in Vietnam), as well as SSgt. Steve Reichert (Ret.), who as a member of Fox Company, 2d Battalion, 2d Marines, killed an enemy fighter at the astonishing range of one mile with his M82A3 in April, 2004. The book also tells the story of lesser-known Marines doing their best to take out threats to their fellow Marines. A story I found very interesting was the story of SSgt. John Boitnott, who was serving as a sniper in the 5th Marine Regiment during Korean War. By 1953, the war had become a war of outposts and trench lines, with neither side conducting major offensive actions. Boitnott had developed a novel tactic for defeating Chinese snipers—he used PFC. Henry Friday to draw Chinese fire by trotting down trench line. Boitnott, his M1C rifle at the ready, watched for the signature of the enemy firing, and returned fire, achieving kills out to 1,250 yards. His technique was put to a stop by higher headquarters when a war correspondent publicized his exploits.





Memorial Day Weekend: This get together in southwest Indiana is held Memorial Day weekend annually. Site has 131 acres of woods with a 16-acre lake, shooting ranges, fishing, cabin bunks, shower, disco ball, 8-track tape player, and world-class outhouse. If interested contact Wayne Dillon at 931-561-2575 or [email protected].

Sawmill Shootout: Held the first weekend of October at Frank Seaman’s Virtue of Defense tactical shooting facility in the beautiful western North Carolina mountains. Contact Frank at 828-442-7404 or [email protected] if interested.

Supporting our Community


Two scholarships are available to Association members and their dependents. The Larry Ashton Memorial Scholarship, administered by the Ashton family, is dedicated to supporting those who are studying to work as health professionals. The Association administers a general scholarship. The deadline for these scholarships is 15 August. For more information, contact Wayne Dillon at [email protected].

Community Support

The Association has recently been able to provide financial support to one of our own facing cancer and job loss. This support is needs-based and applicants are vetted. We recently offered assistance to a former 2d Recon Marine who had been wounded in Iraq. Our Veterans Service Officer, Michael Graham, vetted him. When I talked to him and advised him that it was a grant, and not a loan, he was very adamant that it would be a loan, and that he would pay it back. Two years ago, we had a similar situation, helping a member who had leukemia. Though it was given as a grant, he insisted on paying it back, and did! Such is the character of our Marines. We also had a request for assistance from another former 2d Recon Marine, whom I personally visited. Though he had served in 2d Recon Battalion, he had made a life of being a criminal and scammer—request denied. Your leadership does its best to be good stewards of the money you have been so generous with. 


Master Gunnery Sergeant Kevin Dale, Battalion Operations Chief, has been a staunch supporter of the 2d Reconnaissance Battalion Association since day one of taking the reins. He has been a real pleasure to work with, especially when coordinating the reunions. His common response during planning meetings was, “What can we do to make this happen?” He is best known for his motivating “Man in the Arena” toast at the reunion dinners and the “25 and 5” challenge at the awards formation.

Kevin is retiring after 30 years of service. His retirement ceremony will be held 19 May at Onslow Beach. All Association members are invited. His successor, MGySgt. Scott Young has assumed duties as the Battalion Operations Chief, and appears to be cut from the same cloth. When I met him at the reunion, he expressed how he was looking forward to working with the Association to continue the great relationship in place.



Jerry Newland is our Membership Chairman.

Connect with Jerry with any questions or issues you may have.

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